[Luneos-dev] Choosing a new JavaScript framework and UI library

Doug Reeder reeder.29 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 05:10:31 UTC 2017

Presuming we now have consensus, we want these characteristics in our framework:
* Emphasizes development of large, sophisticated apps
* Responsive, touch-friendly widgets
* Widget creation is quick on current mobile hardware (for transitions)
* Supports 60 fps animation on current mobile hardware
* Will continue to be maintained if one major corporate backer changes direction

I think the next step should be demonstrations of candidate frameworks and libraries.  As look is more mutable than feel, I think we need to see that a framework + library can support LuneOS-style interaction, but don’t need to see it looking like LuneOS.   In particular, for each candidate, I’d like to see a pure web app (no need to package it) demonstrating
1. a single app is usable on both phone- and tablet-sized screens
2. a layout widget to organize multiple panes, like Enyo Panels, but possibly behaving differently
3. a list with 500 items (see below)
4. whose items can be swiped left or right
5. and whose items can be rearranged by dragging

If you experiment, you’ll find it’s not so many swipes to get to list items past 100, but getting to 1000 is something no user would ordinarily do.  (If you’re viewing something like the Manhattan phone book, you’ll need to narrow the list via a typedown search or some such.)  The Palm team set 500 at the maximum # record to return from a DB8 search.  While most lists will be shorter than 500, this lets us realistically stress-test the candidate.  I expect mock data in the list.

Flex-boxes can handle much that used to require layout widgets.  In particular, we don’t need anything corresponding to Enyo Fittables.

Many lists will not need requirement #5, and some won’t need #4, but I think we need both to maximize user productivity.

I’m not worried about support for popup menus, toolbars, tree widgets, etc. but does anyone feel we need to see more from candidates?

http://todomvc.com/ is a great site, but the samples there are too limited to be directly useful to us.

Doug Reeder
reeder.29 at gmail.com


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